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32m 99-seat catamaran sightseeing boat

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  • Product name: 32-meter 99-seat catamaran sightseeing boat
    Main dimension: 32.00m × 8.00m × 2.80m
    Host power: 952HP × two
    Crew: 99
    Draft: 1.25m
    Speed: 25kn
    Navigation area: Coastal
    The common ships are monohull ships. TWIN HULL has two slender hulls that share a main deck and superstructure. It uses a turbine nozzle engine to obtain the reaction force through backward water spray to push forward, which is faster than ordinary propellers. At high speed, the slender hull of the twinhull can reduce the resistance. Moreover, the hull is stable and not easy to capsize. It is often used in ferry and military transportation.

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