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31.8 m sightseeing boat-II

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  • Product name: 31.8 sightseeing boat
    Main dimension: 31.80m × 6.8m0 × 2.00m
    Host power: 375HP × two
    Crew: 150
    Draft: 0.80m
    Speed: 25km/h
    Navigation area: Coastal
    Yacht is a kind of high-grade durable consumer goods for water entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developed countries, yachts, like cars, are mostly privately owned, while in developing countries, yachts are mostly used for people's consumption as operating items in parks and tourist attractions, and a small number are also used as working means for port supervision, public security and border defense. The essential feature of yacht as a means of entertainment makes it different from high-speed boats and tourist boats as means of transportation. Like cars, yachts will become the next generation of durable consumer goods entering the family.

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