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41.2m 199 passenger cruise ship

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  • Product name: 41.2m cruise ship
    Main dimension: 41.20m × 9.80m × 3.20m
    Draft: 1.85m
    Crew: 5
    Passengers: 199
    Host: 550HP × two
    Navigation area: Coastal
    Cruise ships generally sail along certain water tourism routes regularly or irregularly, and park at one or several sightseeing spots for tourists to visit. An ordinary passenger ship can be called a cruise ship if it is used for tourism or converted for tourism. After the 1960s and 1970s, with the development of tourism, there are more and more cruise ships specially designed and built for sightseeing. In addition to the basic functions of ordinary cruise ships, most of these cruise ships provide special sightseeing, entertainment facilities and service items.

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