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110-foot luxury yacht

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  • Product name: 110-foot luxury yacht
    Product No.: MHY110 ′
    Main scale: 33.30 × six point eight zero × 2.50m
    Host power: 670Hp × 2 sets
    Crew: 25
    Draft: 0.90m
    Speed: 22kn
    Navigation area: Coastal
    Yachts mainly include wooden boats, fiberglass boats, Kevlar fiber-reinforced composite boats, aluminum boats and steel boats. At present, fiberglass boats account for a large proportion, and more Kevlar reinforcement materials are used in racing boats, sailing boats and luxury boats; Aluminum boats account for a certain proportion of outboard engine boats and large luxury yachts; Steel boats account for a large proportion of ocean-going luxury yachts above 35 meters. The sandwich structure material of the hull is usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), which is a composite material made of glass fiber as reinforcement and resin; The core materials of sandwich structure materials are often BALTEK light wood and AIREX foam sandwich structure materials.

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