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24-seat sightseeing boat-I

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  • Product name: 24-seat sightseeing boat - I
    Product No.: MHG24K-I
    Main scale: 13.50 × three × 1.25m
    Main engine power: 103Kw × 1 set
    Crew: 24
    Draft: 0.5m
    Speed: 25Km
    Navigation area: coastal shelter
    According to the international standard, the specifications of yachts are calculated in feet, which can be divided into three types in terms of size: small yachts under 36 feet, medium yachts under 36-60 feet, and large luxury yachts above 60 feet. There are small boats (less than 6 meters), small yachts (between 6 and 10.5 meters), medium yachts (between 10.5 and 18 meters), and large yachts (more than 18 meters). Large luxury yachts can be divided into five grades in terms of dimensions: 35-40 meters, 41-44 meters, 45-49 meters, 50-54 meters and 55-60 meters.

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