China's yacht industry will grow by 8% in 2013


According to the survey results released by GE Capital Commercial Layout (CDF) recently, China's yacht industry will grow by 8% in 2013. Due to the change of consumption concept, more than 51% of the respondents who participated in the survey of the shipbuilding industry said that it was the best time to increase the inventory level in order to prepare enough inventory for spring sales.
Bruce Van Wangoner, president of the business layout of GE Capital, the main provider of ship financing, said, "In general, our data show that yacht sales are increasing, costs are falling, and dealers' income is increasing. We believe that 2013 will be largely similar to 2012 - a slow and stable growth in a smaller and healthier market."
According to the survey, aluminum yachts, fiberglass fishing boats and recreational boats were the most in demand in 2013. Van Wagoner pointed out that although the low level of inventory will lead to the breakdown of sales, the current delivery situation can generally meet the demand.
The survey of GE Capital Commercial Layout (CDF) was held on February 13-15, 2013. Respondents to the questionnaire are participants in the maritime industry, including manufacturers, dealers and distributors.