Support the listing and financing of small and medium-sized enterprises


Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting on February 1 to study and deploy further support for the healthy development of small and micro enterprises.
The meeting should earnestly implement various fiscal, tax and financial support policies determined at the executive meeting of the State Council on October 12, 2011, including raising the threshold of value-added tax and business tax, extending the policy of halving the corporate income tax on small and low-profit enterprises to the end of 2015 and expanding the scope, exempting the stamp tax on the loan contracts signed between financial institutions and small and micro-enterprises within three years, and extending the pre-tax deduction policy of loan loss reserves to the end of 2013; The growth rate of loans from banking financial institutions to small and micro enterprises should not be lower than the average rate of all loans, and the tolerance of non-performing loans to small and micro enterprises that meet the requirements.
The meeting identified policy measures to further support the healthy development of small and micro enterprises: (1) improve fiscal and tax support policies; (2) Try to alleviate financing difficulties; (3) Accelerate technical transformation, improve equipment level and improve innovation ability; (4) Strengthen service and management, and establish and improve 4000 public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises.