The value of yacht industry chain is more than 100 billion, and American enterprises want to share the cake in Chongqing


After buying villas and luxury cars, what is the next goal of the rich people in Chongqing? Sun Lang, CEO of Hanson Global Investment Co., Ltd., gave the answer yesterday: yacht.
Sun Lang is a long-lived Chinese American. He said that the company has acquired 98 mu of land in Dahong Lake, Wanshun Town, Changshou District, and will invest 60 million yuan to build "Langdalang International Yacht Club". In the first phase, it plans to build 100 yacht berths, five-star hotels, horse riding grounds and yacht villas.
Yacht upstream and downstream industry chain
The output value can reach hundreds of billions of yuan
"I don't worry about the consumer groups in Chongqing at all," said Sun Lang. According to the Hurun Rich List, there are 11500 billionaires, 730 billionaires and 3.4 million middle-income people in Chongqing. For these people, yachts will be the next consumption hotspot.
It is reported that the number of yachts in our city has reached more than 10, and the most popular yachts in the market are more than 300000 yuan. This yacht is about 10 meters long, and is equipped with bedrooms, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.
At the same time, Chongqing's manufacturing industry is very developed. It can manufacture yacht engines, fiberglass hull, and many shipyards can produce yachts. The yacht economy being built in Chongqing can reach hundreds of billions of yuan in the upstream and downstream industrial chain.
Many rivers and lakes in Chongqing
Suitable for developing yacht projects
In addition to the huge consumer market, the waters of our city are also suitable for the development of yacht economy. At present, the water area of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area is 1084 square kilometers, forming nearly 100 rivers of exploitable value, 110 islands and 11 lakes. At present, the waters suitable for the development of yacht projects include the waters below Zhongxian County of the Yangtze River, the waters above Caojie Power Station of Jialing River, the waters above Pengshui Power Station of Wujiang River, Changshou Lake, Dahong Lake, etc.
It is reported that the global yacht industry has an annual income of more than $50 billion. The average 171 people in developed countries own a yacht, the average of every 16 people in the United States owns a yacht, and Norway, Finland and other countries even have a yacht for every 6 people. The total number of people participating in yacht entertainment in the United States is up to 88.9 million, and the annual income of yacht manufacturing and aquatic entertainment industry has reached 23 billion dollars.
There are six districts and counties in the city
Will develop yacht economy
At present, in addition to the American enterprises where Sun Lang works, there are at least 6 districts and counties in our city ready to build yacht terminals and clubs.
It is understood that Longxin Real Estate and Chongqing Longqin Yacht Club will invest 1.7 billion yuan to build the city's largest yacht base covering an area of 2398 mu on the Zhongba Island near the Yangtze River in Mudong Town, Banan District; Fengdu County will also cooperate with a large domestic listed company to invest 8.5 billion yuan to build a base capable of accommodating 500 yachts and build the largest luxury yacht club in China.
In addition, Wushan County will invest a total of 300 million yuan to build a base that can dock about 200 yachts near the Jiangdong Cluster New Area; Zhongxian County will build a yacht industry cluster integrating yacht manufacturing, sales exhibition, technical training, maintenance services, yacht tourism, yacht real estate, etc. It is estimated that the total annual output value of the yacht industry will reach more than 6.6 billion yuan by 2020. In addition, Wanzhou District also said that it would introduce investors and invest 2 billion yuan to build a yacht industry base; Nan'an District also said that it would start the construction of Yangshida Yacht Wharf on Nanbin Road as soon as possible.
Completed within two years
Sun Lang said that at present, his company has acquired three peninsulas in Dahong Lake, covering an area of 98 mu. It plans to build 100 yacht berths around the peninsular in the first phase and another 100 yacht berths in the second phase, reaching 200 yacht berths. On the peninsula, it is planned to build a five-star hotel with a total area of 10000 square meters, six yacht villas, a small racecourse, and catering, entertainment and other facilities. He said that the yacht club would be built in two years.
Members charge 200000 yuan per year
It is reported that in the future, the yacht club will collect membership fees, and the annual fee for each member is 200000 yuan.
Sun Lang said that members can choose to buy yachts at different prices, and then rent a berth for docking. Usually, the yacht club is responsible for maintenance and repair. At the weekend, go to Dahong Lake with family and friends to enjoy life. The Dahong Lake Reservoir has a water area of 30000 mu, which is equivalent to 20 West Lake in Hangzhou. It will be an excellent use environment for yachts.


The value of yacht industry chain is more than 100 billion, and American enterprises want to share the cake in Chongqing