Guangdong enterprises are among the best in terms of productive value


Among the three major yacht enterprise clusters in the Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, yacht manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are highly concentrated. Among them, Zhuhai Pingsha Yacht Industrial Zone has gathered 24 yacht manufacturing and supporting enterprises. As early as 2008, its yacht output has reached more than 900, with sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. It is understood that a number of enterprises such as Foshan Baoda, Zhuhai Jianglong and Shenzhen Hisby are among the best in the yacht industry in China.
At present, Guangdong has formed a "golden coastal zone of coastal yacht tourism with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai as the core and Shantou, Zhanjiang, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Maoming, Huizhou, Shanwei and other yacht club groups as the support". In addition, China Shipbuilding Group invested 4.3 billion yuan in Guangzhou Nansha to build the largest shipbuilding base in southern China.
Takeda, president of the Guangdong Yacht Industry Association, said that "after more than 30 years of development, the yacht industry in Guangdong has begun to take shape, and it is very necessary to establish an industry association. By strengthening industry guidance and regulation, we can promote the exchange and cooperation between Guangdong and the yacht industry in all provinces, regions and cities across the country, thus promoting the yacht industry to become bigger and stronger".
Takeda said that the association can play the role of a bridge between the government and enterprises, promote the government to issue relevant industrial support policies, introduce advanced international yacht design concepts, manufacturing processes, marketing methods and service methods, and integrate Chinese elements to promote the development of the yacht industry, striving to build Guangdong into a series of activity centers such as China's famous yacht manufacturing base, import and export bonded base, exhibition and sales center, yacht city, sailing events, etc, And drive the development of relevant industries.
It is reported that the Guangdong Yacht Industry Association was officially established with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Civil Organizations in February 2012. The first group of member units reached 78. It is the fourth provincial yacht industry association after Shanghai, Hainan and Liaoning. It is engaged in yacht design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, agency sales, training, repair, maintenance, yacht owners, enthusiasts, scientific research institutions A local, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by relevant economic organizations such as parts manufacturing. On the day of the founding ceremony, the Association also hired 14 experts from production, education and research to form an expert steering committee.
The government has planning problems to be solved
The experts at the "Guangdong Yacht" Development Forum agreed that Guangdong is the focus of the domestic yacht economy in the future. It is reported that Guangdong, located in the southern part of the mainland, faces the South China Sea in the south and is connected with Hong Kong and Macao. The province has a long coastline, vast sea area and rich marine resources. It has a sea area of 4520 square kilometers, accounting for 14% of the total sea area of the country. The mainland coastline is 33681 kilometers long, accounting for 19% of the country. Guangdong has 1434 large and small islands, including Xijiang River, Beijiang River, Dongjiang River, Hanjiang River, Meijiang River, Zhujiang River, etc., with a navigable mileage of 11844 kilometers. From the perspective of climate, Guangdong belongs to the tropical and subtropical monsoon climate zone, and there is no ice and snow weather all year round, which is unmatched in Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces and regions in China. In addition, the "Coastal Tourism Development Plan of Guangdong Province (2011-2020)" issued by the People's Government of Guangdong Province in July this year clearly stated that "we should build our province into a strong yacht tourism province in China", and plan to "build four yacht bases in Nansha, Biological Island, Pingsha, Zhuhai and Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen".
It is a medium - and long-term plan for Guangdong to build a strong province of yacht tourism economy. We still have a long way to go. At the same time, we are facing many problems, such as international enterprise competition, lack of independent brands, shortage of professional talents and insufficient economic strength.
At the "Guangdong Yacht" development forum, industry insiders have not been shy about putting forward many "obstacles" that hinder the development of yachts.
Over the past thirty years of reform and opening up, many domestic yacht enterprises have been engaged in OEM or processing with supplied materials for well-known foreign enterprises. Only a few enterprises have bought out the production and sales rights of foreign yacht brands in China for independent production, and yacht manufacturers with independent brands are even more rare. As a result, relying on cheap labor resources, domestic yacht enterprises can only "nibble" at a small amount of OEM processing costs, but have to look at the huge benefits brought by the design, technology and brand of the foreign partner "Wharton".
Gu Jianqing, chairman of the Guangzhou Federation of Social Sciences, also expressed concern. "At present, China's professional talents are relatively scarce, and the contradiction is relatively prominent. On the one hand, the number of skilled workers recruited for a long time is small, leading to vicious competition among enterprises to" dig people "; on the other hand, due to the relatively short time of the rise of the yacht industry, there are few yacht majors and courses in many domestic ships, maritime colleges and vocational education institutions, leading to a serious lag in the construction of our education and training system, especially maintenance personnel The cultivation of talents is basically in a blank state at present. " Gu Jianqing said.
Various supporting policies need to be improved, the procedures for yacht inspection and use are cumbersome, and the yacht driving license cannot be used across provinces, which restricts the development of yacht tourism. "If a yacht wants to sail in China's waters, it must apply to the relevant authorities for the certificate of ownership, ship inspection certificate, nationality certificate and so on. Only when the certificate is complete can it buy insurance and obtain the navigation qualification. However, many foreign manufacturers are unable to provide the buyer with the design drawings required for the certificate due to the protection of intellectual property rights and other reasons, and because of the lack of uniform examination regulations and examination management, the local authorities can obtain the yacht driver's license It can't be used nationwide because of different items and different charges. "