Guangdong has launched 8 new marine greenways for citizens to travel by yacht


Guangdong launched a major attack to promote the development of the yacht industry: promoting 8 marine greenways, and citizens can drive their own yachts

According to the reporter of Guangzhou Daily, Guangdong is about to launch yacht "marine greenway" tourism to further promote the development of coastal tourism. In the future, the majority of citizens can travel by yacht or rent a yacht, or take a cruise of tens of yuan. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Tourism Administration said that a yacht can be bought for more than 1.2 million yuan, but the yacht industry in Guangdong has not yet fully developed. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 5000 yacht berths in Guangdong. After the construction of marine greenway tourism, it is believed that it will further promote the development of yacht industry.


Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration drafted eight sea greenway tourism pilot routes for yachts:


1. Modern Chinese history and culture tour: Guangzhou downtown - Huangpu - Dongguan Humen - Zhongshan


(Through scenic spots: Sun Yat-sen Grand Marshal's Mansion, the former site of Huangpu Military Academy, Nanhai Temple, Changzhou Island Tourist Area, Humen Opium War Museum, Naval War Museum, Zhongshan Former Residence)


2. Lingnan Watertown Tour: Guangzhou Nansha - Zhongshan - Zhuhai Wailingding Island


(Through scenic spots: Nansha Wetland, Million Kui Garden, Lingnan Water Town, Nanlang Mangrove, Wailingding Island)


3. Theme park fun tour: Shenzhen Dameisha - Shekou - Zhuhai - Hengqin Island


(Through scenic spots: Minsk Aircraft Carrier World, Eastern Overseas Chinese Town, Happy Coast, Yuanming New Park, Hengqin Chimelong Ocean World)


4. Hot spring health and fitness tour: Zhongshan - Zhuhai Doumen - Jiangmen Xinhui


(Through scenic spots: Jinxiu Bay Hot Spring City, Zhuhai Royal Hot Spring, Haiquan Bay, Gudou Hot Spring Resort)


5. Coastal commercial leisure tour: Shanwei Red Bay - Huizhou Xunliao Bay - Shenzhen Dameisha - Zhongshan Shenwan Grand Yacht Club - Jiangmen Shangchuan Island


(Through scenic spots: Shanwei Red Bay, Huizhou Xunliao Bay Tourist Resort, Shenzhen Dameisha Resort, Zhongshan Shenwan Grand Yacht Club, Jiangmen Shangchuan Island Flying Beach Tourist Resort


6. Blue Ocean Romantic Tour


Route 1: Zhanjiang-Maoming Fangji Island - Yangjiang Hailing Island


Scenic spots: Zhanjiang Five Islands and One Bay, Huizhou Fangji Island Tourist Resort, Yangjiang Hailing Island Tourist Resort, Nanhai No.1


Line 2: Lianjiang - Suixi - Leizhou - Xuwen


Scenic spots: Lianjiang Gaoqiao Mangrove, Suixi River Hongxian Islands, Leizhou Chidouliao Island, Leizhou Tianchengtai Tourist Resort, Xuwen Dahan Sandun Tourist Resort, Baisha Bay Tourist Resort


7. Chaozhou-Shantou Cultural and Folk Tourism: Chaozhou-Shantou Nan'ao Island - Jieyang-Shantou Hongwan


Scenic spots: Chaozhou Ming Dynasty Suocheng (Golden Lion Bay, Green Island Villa) Shantou Nan'ao Island, Jieyang Huilai, Shanwei Red Bay


8. Leisure tour of inland green gallery: Zhaoqing Deqing - Yunfu Yun'an - Sanshui, Foshan - Shunde - Panyu


Scenic spots: Deqing - Yun'an - Zhaoqing Baili Gallery, Zhaoqing Seven-Star Rock, Sanshui Lotus World - Changlu Farm, Baomo Garden


Guangdong has launched 8 new marine greenways for citizens to travel by yacht